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Alimed D2 Night Splint - Artxmedical

Alimed D2 Night Splint

  • $137.00

Alimed D2 Night Splint
A dynamic cord offers a constant low-load force, which adjusts to changes in muscle tone throughout the night.  The articulating shell promotes greater comfort and safety while walking, so the splint may be worn both at rest and at night to maximize gains and help speed recovery.  Latex free.
Packaging : 1 Each
Features : -
  • A gradual stretch can be applied during the acute phase of injury and easily progressed as tolerance increases.
  • To resume activity in the shortest time possible, treatment should incorporate a combination of night splints, orthotics, stretching and cold therapy.
  • Night Splint usage should be encouraged even after recovery to help maintain flexibility and muscle length.

Specifications : -

Size           Men's Shoe Size       Women's Shoe Size

Medium     5 - 8.5                            6 - 9.5
Large         9 - 14                            10 - 15

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