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AliMed Body Positioning Wedges, Uncovered

  • $162.50

AliMed Body Positioning Wedges, Uncovered

Body Positioning Wedges are used for side-lying support and trunk stabilization to maintain positioning schedules and help prevent pressure sores. Positioning wedges can be used anywhere your patients need firm support. 45º wedge keeps shoulders and hips properly aligned for greater comfort.

Body Positioning Wedges, Uncovered The economical choice for facilities. This is the best option when used for infection control or single-patient use. Disposable, low-cost foam wedges can be discarded if soiled. Choose between two

Packaging : Case of 6

Specifications : -  


  • 28"L full-size wedge for larger patients and/or for maximum positioning support
  • 14"L half-size wedges for smaller patients and/or to allow better air circulation to coccyx region and to aid in wound healing.


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