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Bariatric Toilet Seat

AliMed 710144 Bariatric Toilet Seat, 1,200 lb. Capacity

  • $259.50

AliMed Bariatric Toilet Seat
Bariatric Toilet Seat, 1,200 lb. Capacity adds comfort for everyone and size for the Big, Tall, Plus sized person. The larger, more comfortable opening and a luxurious sitting surface is a better fit for everyone and fits onto standard (round and elongated) sized toilets. Simple to install, includes unbreakable stainless steel hinges to accommodate extra weight and shear. Helps make toilets safer, too. Large, stabilizing rubber bumpers grip the toilet bowl and keep the seat from shifting. Fits round or elongated bowls. 
Toileting Luxury for Large People People of generous proportion have been forced to tolerate inadequate toilet seats that are flimsy, twist and break and do not offer enough support. Now there is a toilet seat that fits standard toilets and the bariatric person safely and comfortably.  It’s unbreakable, extra wide, extra thick and has wide rubber supports extending both sides of the top of the porcelain toilet unlike standard seats that resting on small rubber pads. The extra width of the seat generously accommodates the extra flesh of the bigger person comfortably.
The seat attaches with stainless steel bolts instead of standard plastic ones and ensures the seat retains its position as the larger person moves around.
Best of all, it doesn't look out of place. it is safe and comfortable for people up to 1,200 lbs.
Specifications : -
  • Capacity : 1,200 lb
  • 2" higher than standard toilet seats
  • 19”W x 19”L with opening 8-3/4” wide and 11-1/2” wide
  • Packaging : 1 Each

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