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AliMed 77413 BeasyTrans ETS, 40" - Artxmedical

AliMed 77413 BeasyTrans ETS, 40"

  • $437.10

AliMed BeasyTrans ETS
BeasyTrans Easy Transfer System No-lift transfer system places the user on a safe, stable seat, allowing dignified lateral transfers and reducing soreness and injury to the user's shoulders and arms. The seat moves easily across the base of the system, not the user's skin, eliminating shear forces and friction, which cause or contribute to tissue breakdown. The circular seat rotates 360º, easily turning the user to the exact angle for comfortable placement.
Packaging : 1 Each
Features : -
  • Easy transfer system reduces the risk of lower back injuries associated with lifting
  • Requires fewer caregivers for a transfer
  • Sliding disk greatly reduces friction associated with most slide transfers

Specifications : -

  • Dimensions : 40"L x 1"H
  • Seat : 1/2"H x 12"D
  • Capacity : 400-lb.
  • Weight : 6-1/2 lbs.

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