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Aircast A60 Ankle Support

  • $74.50

Aircast A60 Ankle Support

With a stabilizer molded at a 60° angle, the support guards against sprains and rollover. The material has a sleek design to fit into athletic footwear while being breathable enough to remain comfortable. The support is adjustable for a unique user fit while offering prophylactic support and protection. With a single strap, there is no lacing for an easier application.

Packaging : 1 Each

Benefits :-
  • Manufactured with breathable material for cool comfort.
  • Light-weight anatomical design easily its in athletic footwear
  • Easily adjustable application.
Specifications : -
Side : Right and Left
Size            Men's Shoe Size          Women's Shoe Size
Small           Up to 7                             Up to 8-1/2                
Medium       7-1/2 - 11-1/2                  9 - 13
Large           12 +                                 13-1/2 +

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